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Help Wanted (How to Post a Listing)

The erotic listings that turn you on!
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RedLight Listings was designed to make it quick and easy to post and edit your ads, no accounts are required. Simply choose a category to post in and then your desired city/state/province and click Post Listing in the top right or bottom right of each page.

Once you've chosen your category and location you simply give your listing a title, write a body of the ad, choose an image if desired, you can also enter the area within your city so viewers have a general idea of your location in relative to them. You can also add an email address so readers can reply to your ad. Your area, image, and email are optional information and is not required to post a listing. But keep in mind that people with pictures get more traffic.

So first off you need to choose a category and then your City, simply start from here:
W4MM4WWW4MMW4MOtherTSErotic MassageAdult Jobs

Body Tags (Insert Links and Images)
To avoid spamming we remove any HTML tags within our listings, but we've added the ability to add links to your website, to insert as many pictures as you want in your ad, and also to set italics and bold text in the body of your ad.

To add a link simply add the following:
[URL=]Visit my website here[/URL]
Keep in mind that URL must be in upper case and you should put the whole path including http in your link. You can place any text for the link between the [URL] and [/URL].

To add images:
You can link any image in here, but keep in mind our rules about what type of pictures that can be used.

To add bolding or italics simply use [B]for bolding[/B] and [I]for italics[/I]

Editing/Deleting your Listing
Once you have posted a listing you will notice all the Post Listings will change to Edit Listing. To delete a listing simply go to your listing and you will see a link under the title to delete the listing. Keep in mind that this is permanant and cannot be undone.
NOTICE: If for some reason you can no longer edit or delete your listing simply report the listing as invalid to us and state the reason.