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What are we about? Well RedPages is the part of Wikidult that lets people like you find something different or more of an adult nature to do! We currently have listings for Massage Parlours/Spas, Strip clubs, Casino's, Nightclubs, Dance Clubs, Sky Diving, Hand Gliding, Flying Lessons, and many more different stuff that you won't find collected together all on one website anywhere else.

We also support mobile devices and have GPS support to find everything around you with the click of a link, this helps keep RedPages on you where ever you go. Always be prepared and surprised at what has always been around the corner from your home or work. For more information on our mobile supported features visit our mobile support page.

We also got a little creative in the sense that we've added a Random function to our search, this randomly sends you to different places in your City. Sometimes it just gives you one place to go and other times it creates a whole night schedule for you. Trust us, its totally random and up to fate on where the Random button sends you! Are you man enough to take that trip?

So you know what we are, and are reason for being, what else would you like to know? For more information on Wikidult and its services please visit our main Wikidult homepage, for an open discussion try our forum. If you have a business that would suit this directory please submit it here, adding a listing is 100% free. For information on advertising on any Wikidult pages or services please visit ouradvertising page