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Skydiving is the action of performing acrobatics during freefall, followed by deployment of a parachute. Skydiving is performed as a recreational activity and a competitive sport. There are many drop zones around the world that specialize in first time jumpers. Keep in mind that acrobatics are done by professionals, for your first few jumps you will be simply freefalling.

Usually it’s a full day event for your first skydive, you have to go through videos, instructions, suiting up, and of course signing all those insurance waivers. You can even find some drop zones that have indoor skydiving which gives you the feeling of skydiving and helps you understand how it works in positioning your body to fall properly.

Understanding how to stay relaxed, arching your body with your hands extended and your feet apart can get confusing when falling at 120 mph, which is why there are a few methods to choose from for your first jump. You can try the popular tandem jump which you are attached to the instructor the whole way down, alternatively you can choose line jumping which ties your parachute pull chord or a proximity sensor to the plane allowing you to only freefall for so long before your parachute automatically opens.

Skydiving is a feeling like no other, once you've experienced it you will want to try it again and again. But like any sport there are also dangers that can happen so make sure the drop zone you choose has a good track record and uses all the proper equipment.

Despite the danger, fatalities are rare. Statistically each year a number of people are hurt or killed skydiving worldwide. About 30 skydivers are killed each year in the US, roughly one death for every 100,000 jumps which is about 0.001%, when you think about that’s not so bad. With anything in life there is a risk, especially the really fun stuff. So do you have what it takes? Start looking for drop zones in your area now and take the plunge!

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