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Strip Clubs are a form of adult entertainment in which a striptease or some form of exotic dance is usually performed.  Strip clubs can have the nightclub label but usually have some form of erotic dance whether on stage with a stripper pole or in a theatre or cabaret style performance.

Laws and legal licenses are different for each state or province, for example some strip clubs only allow male strippers to remove their clothing down to a pair of G-String underwear other places may allow full nudity. Female strippers also varies whereas some strip clubs can have full nudity, others will have only topless, and even some they can be topless but must wear pasties over their nipples.

Most strip clubs offer some form of a table dance both private and/or just at your table, where others get a little more intimate with lap dances.  Lap dances allow the stripper to actually touch you and grind you, some places you might even be allowed to touch the stripper yourself with permission.  Again this all depends on the law in that area so make sure you check with the strip club before you cross the line.

Strip clubs do offer a good entertainment value, while the cost of drinks are usually higher and the cost per private dances tend to be a little high compared to a massage parlour a strip club is still a good time to tease the mind, body, and soul. With that in mind why not start searching for a strip club close to you now, sit back, and enjoy the show!

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